About Me

Hey it me, Thomas Nelson.

I started my journey into computers back in high school, then just learned everything that I could.  My first year college was the first time students were not required to run programs with punch cards!  Whew, missed that one.   Soon after I found that what the school was providing and what I was needing to do at work were many years apart.  So I struck out again on my own learning and pushing myself forward.

Well many jobs later I know work with Microsoft Servers, VMWare, AWS.  I do a little programming, web stuff and always try to stay away from desktop support.   Typically anything computer / technology its what I am doing.

I enjoy making videos about things that interest me, Star Wars, Star Trek, The Orville, Photography, and videos about technology that I use in my job like AWS, VMWare, and Windows.

Off hours (like there are any for IT Pro’s) I am either at Disneyland, taking pictures or both!